John Fawkes

My Latest Work


Fontchanger is a terminal script for rooted android devices using magisk to systemlessly change your font systemwide.
It supports 228 fonts that are downloaded with curl via my website. Fontchanger also supports adding your own custom fonts.

DNS Switcher

Systemlessly change your dns on magisk rooted devices. Universial with any device. Use terminal to run the script by typing su hit enter and then type dns_switch. Support for a primary dns and a backup dns.

Audio Compatibility Patch

This fixes music and streaming apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc) that aren't processing audio effects for various equalizer applications through the modification of audio policy. Starting with v1.6 USB_policy patcher (upp) and Notification_helper remover (nhr) have been combined with acp. upp is to be used for usb dacs for v4a/jdsp. nhr is to remove notification_helper from audio_effects or delete the binary. This prevents the "ducking" of v4a when you receive a notification and that notification comes in while playing music and v4a unprocesses and the processes again after the notification causing the volume to be extra loud.

Ainur Sauron

Named after Sauron – the evil all-seeing character from Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”, this android audio modification applies suitable system patches, determinined on it’s own to deliver an extreme level of sound quality for your music.

Ainur Narsil

Named after Narsil – legendary sword from Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”. This android audio modification is aimed towards pure sound rendered via internal hardware (audio DACs and Codec’s) by cleaning sound tract from OEM & android sound effects as much as possible.

LG DTS Tuning

A Unity based audio magisk module. Completely AML Compatible. This module is not just for LG v30 but all LGs that have DTS and that have an audio_effects_tune.xml file. This is the file that the OEM uses to tune the presets.